8 Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky Cocktails

Savor the harmony of rich whisky and sweet blackberries in our Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky cocktail recipes is sure to become a favorite.

What to Mix With Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky

Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky is known for its rich, smooth flavor with a hint of oakiness and a luscious blackberry taste.

The cocktails curated are designed to enhance these profiles, offering a perfect balance between the whisky’s warmth and the refreshing sweetness of ripe blackberries.

Whenever Crown Royal comes out with a new Canadian Whisky, it’s always hard to find because it’s a vibrantly delicious whisky.

Crown Royal Whiskies are an extraordinary blend that are perfect for the summer season.

I just happened upon the new Crown Royal blackberry flavored whisky at our local BJ’s club. 

A bottle of crown royal blackberry flavored whiskey next to its packaging.

The liquor store was out as was everywhere else.

I’m sure you are asking how is this a camping recipe.

Well, if you’re anything like us, I’m sure there are times you sit around the campfire and have a drink (or two) with friends.

So we are here to share some of our favorite mixers to mix with the NEW Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky.

This post is meant for those 21 years of age and above.

A collage of four images displaying crown royal blackberry flavored whisky, mixed with various beverages such as dry ginger, lemonade, and grape soda, to create different cocktails.

Crown Royal Peach Whisky

When Crown Royal came out with the Peach Whisky, you could not find it at all here in Florida. 

A bottle of crown royal peach flavored whisky on a black surface.

My son would order me a case in Kansas when I would visit and it would last me a few months.

Boxes with peach print stacked inside a larger box.

I have a feeling that I will have the same problem with the Blackberry Whisky this year.

Since the Blackberry Whisky is a limited edition, get it while you can.

What does Blackberry Whisky Taste Like

There have been reports on the internet that Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky tastes like cough syrup.

After doing a TikTok video of how it tastes and what to mix it with, I must admit that the first aftertaste did in fact taste a little like cough syrup.

But to combat that, we mixed it with a few different mixers.

Stay tuned or watch the TikTok videos to see my facial expressions after our first taste.

Or maybe you shouldn’t watch to see my facial expressions. Yikes!

Crown Royal Blackberry Canadian Whisky on the Rocks

Our first taste was a simple pour on the rocks.

It was a smooth experience as all Royal Crown Whisky is.

However, it had a bit of an aftertaste…like cough syrup.

The whisky’s velvety texture, the signature smoothness of Crown Royal, and the luscious taste of ripe blackberries weren’t that bad tasting.

It was good but I wouldn’t drink straight.

Blackberry Whisky and Lemonade

The next mixed drink was made with Lemonade as per the back of the box.

I mix my Crown Royal Peach with lemonade so that was my go-to choice anyway.

That was very good and I figured lemonade was going to be my go-to blackberry cocktail.

A cocktail garnished with a lemon twist and blackberries, with a bottle of crown royal and lemonade in the background.

The taste is like a delightful bouquet of ripe blackberries and delightful blend of the smoothness of Canadian whisky.

An optional step is to add a wedge of lemon to the rim of a low ball glass for decorative purposes.

Blackberry and Rumchata aka Blackberry Cobbler

The harmonious notes of this summer fruit complement the Rumchata for a taste like Blackberry Cobbler.

​I found that it’s best to chill both for this. Not that I’ve had more than one, lol!

A bottle of rumchata, a shot glass of cream liqueur, and a bottle of crown royal blackberry on a wooden surface.

The juicy flavor of fresh blackberries and signature richness of Crown Royal blended whisky, is a delightful addition to your shot repertoire.

Huckleberry Soda and Crown Royal Blackberry Whisky

The Huckleberry soda mixer is by far my favorite refreshing-tasting cocktail yet.

A glass of iced beverage on a countertop with a bottle of crown royal whisky and a bottle of carbonated mix in the background.

The infusion of blackberry and Huckleberry has a unique flavor profile with the essence of summer and a harmonious balance.

Sprite Mixer

Mixed with sprite, it has a familiar underlying warmth of Crown Royal and fresh lemon juice.

A can of sprite, a bottle of crown royal blackberry whiskey, and a glass with whiskey and ice on a countertop.

Together they are a fine glass of your favorite stuff with a burst of fruitiness.

Blackberry Ginger Ale

Mixed with Ginger ale blackberry soda, you can taste the succulent blackberry notes.

A bottle of canada dry blackberry ginger ale beside a glass of ice and liquor garnished with blackberries, with a bottle of crown royal in the background.

With the distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal and the luscious flavor of blackberry, you can’t go wrong in a refreshing tasting cocktail. 

Cream Soda Mixer

Cream soda is a great mixer for just about anything.

A mixed drink with crown royal blackberry, a&w cream soda, and garnished with blackberries.

Mixed with Royal Crown, it has hints of vanilla and blackberry expression and a luscious fusion of flavor for a comforting finish of classic Canadian whisky.

Blackberry Mimosa

A Blackberry Mimosa is the perfect choice for Easter brunch.

A cocktail with a gradient of orange and red hues, topped with black caviar, accompanied by orange juice and crown royal blackberry whisky bottles.

Pour orange juice into the bottom of the glass, then top with Huckleberry soda and sparkling wine.

It will make a memorable whiskey experience.

Blackberry Brandy and Tea

Growing up, (I’m pretty old, lol) whenever we were sick, my dad would add a few drops of Blackberry brandy to tea in order to warm the tummy and make us feel better. 

It must have worked because to this day, whenever I am sick, I get my bottle of blackberry brandy and mix it with tea and honey.

A hand holding a bottle of hiram walker blackberry brandy in a store.

With that said, I might just have to try some Crown Blackberry in my tea even if I’m not sick. 

And because the Huckleberry soda was my favorite mixer, I’m going to mix it with Huckleberry tea, which I just so happen to have on hand.


I don’t consider myself a master blender of alcoholic beverages by any means.

However, we do like to get together with friends for a special occasion and include the Crown Royal family blackberry-infused whisky.

Disclaimer: Alcoholic bevarages can cause birth defects and have a cancer risk.

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8 cocktail mixers paired with crown royal whisky, as featured on lifeintherv.com.

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