Big Rig Friendly RV Park – Columbia, SC

Big Rig Friendly RV Park, rejoice! A hidden gem near Columbia, SC. Spacious, and peaceful, with a dog park & fire pits. A huge swimming pool is coming soon!

🤩 100 Ft. Long Sites at Big Rig Friendly RV Park in Columbia, SC

Nestled just 30 minutes from the mesmerizing Congaree National Park is a big rig-friendly RV park designed just for you.

Surrounded by serene natural beauty and featuring 50 full hookup sites, this RV haven offers the perfect blend of convenience and immersion in nature.

Navigating through the park is a breeze for those traveling with big rigs, ensuring a stress-free arrival and departure process.

A gravel road winds through the Big Rig Friendly RV Park, with parked trucks and RVs on either side, surrounded by trees under a cloudy sky.

There’s nothing worse than having to dodge trees, cars, kids, and pets.

This park caters to your every need with spacious sites and essential amenities and places you at the doorstep of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena—the synchronous fireflies.

Crossing from Florida into Georgia and South Carolina, we traveled 275 miles. We normally stay under 200 and follow the 2/2/2 RV rule but we also like to drive on weekends. So we went a little further today.

Two roadside signs: one welcoming to Georgia, mentioning Governor Brian Kemp, and another welcoming to South Carolina, mentioning Governor Henry McMaster. Nearby is a Big Rig Friendly RV Park perfect for travelers passing through.

🌲 Congaree National Park

Every year, between mid-May and mid-June, Congaree National Park transforms into a magical landscape illuminated by thousands of synchronized fireflies.

A forest at night, illuminated by numerous glowing fireflies, feels like a magical escape. Just beyond the trees, a Big Rig Friendly RV Park awaits travelers seeking both adventure and comfort.

They have a lottery in mid-April to get tickets and had I known we would be there during THE week of the fireflies, I would have applied for tickets.

📍 Convenient Location and Amenities

When it comes to a Big Rig Friendly RV park, convenience is key for travelers seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

A person holds a color map with a red marker indicating the location of Big Rig Friendly RV Park near Columbia, SC. The map includes a QR code, a small state map, and contact information.

This RV park, located just 4 miles off I-26 west of Columbia, SC, is strategically positioned to offer easy access to major highways, making it an ideal pit stop for those on the go.

🏞️ Park Features and Maintenance

Upon arriving at the RV park, guests are greeted with well-maintained facilities that showcase the care and attention to detail put into the park’s upkeep.

The 100-ft-long gravel but level sites offer a sturdy foundation for parking rigs of all sizes.

Gravel pathway in a Big Rig Friendly RV Park with trees on both sides, a white vehicle, and an RV in the background, and an unoccupied picnic table on the left.

Stone fire pits dot the landscape, providing a cozy ambiance for evening gatherings.

A picnic table on artificial grass next to a parked RV, with a stone fire pit in the foreground and trees in the background. A sign with the number 27 is visible on a small post.

Additionally, amenities like the dog park and dog wash area cater to furry companions, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

🚿 Convenience Facilities

For those in need of essential facilities, the RV park delivers with convenience in mind.

The availability of 3 showers and 3 toilet stalls means that guests can freshen up with ease.

Collage of four images: an arcade machine in a room corner, a corridor with closed doors, a shower with a curtain, and a public restroom with mirrors and sinks.

Moreover, the option for coin-operated or app-based laundry services gives travelers the flexibility to handle their laundry needs efficiently while on the road.

Four images of a laundromat, including a coin vs. app pricing sheet, a seating area with chairs, and two views of washing and drying machines lined up against the walls in a clean, well-lit space.

With its strategic location, well-maintained park features, and convenient facilities, this Big Rig Friendly RV park offers a welcoming sanctuary for travelers seeking a blend of comfort and accessibility during their adventures.

➕ Additional Amenities and Future Developments

When it comes to providing exceptional experiences for their visitors, they are always looking ahead to incorporate new amenities and enhancements.

The park is still under development, with exciting additions on the horizon.

A person holds a campground map with labeled sections, including "Future Pool," "Pavilion," and "Phase 2" area. Two people work in an office in the background. A map of the U.S. is on the wall.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store for the future at our Big Rig Friendly RV Park.

🏊‍♀️ Upcoming Swimming Pool

One of the exciting additions they have in the pipeline is the construction of a large swimming pool within the park.

This upcoming swimming pool will not only offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat but will also elevate the recreational experience for all our guests.

Imagine lounging by the poolside, soaking up the sun, or taking a revitalizing dip after a day of exploring Congaree National Park.

Four images depict various stages of swimming pool construction at an outdoor site, with a sign announcing, "Coming Soon!! Under Construction!!" and showing a rendering of the completed pool.

There is also a huge kiddie pool in the works as well.

🏋️ Gym, Hall, & More

There is a workout room but it was closed the days we were there. Being a new park, they may have been waiting for permit approvals.

A grill for cooking was located outside the laundry room.

Propane refills and a game room for keeping busy.

Collage of four images showing a gym with exercise equipment, a grill outside near a wall, a parking area with yellow barriers, and an indoor room with round tables and chairs.

A kids play area are also available.

A playground with a wooden play structure featuring a yellow slide and several attached climbing elements, surrounded by trees on a mulched area.
A playground with a wooden climbing structure, a slide, and a sandbox surrounded by trees and picnic tables on a gravel surface. In the background, there are parked vehicles and RVs.

💚 Location, Location, Location

Situated just 4 miles off I-26 west of Columbia, SC, Big Rig Friendly RV Park offers the perfect blend of tranquility and easy access.

You can enjoy the serenity of the park while still being close to the city’s attractions and amenities.

Several RVs parked along a gravel road in a campground, with trees and overcast skies in the background.

📍 Follow Our Route From Florida to New York

Park Info

When the park was purchased by the new owners, it had tons of abandoned vehicles. This RV was just one of them and still sits on the side road.

An old, weathered RV with rust and dirt on its exterior is parked in an overgrown area near a forest. Vegetation surrounds the vehicle, and its tires appear deflated.

📶 Cell Phone Service and Internet

We travel with several internet jetpacks and make it a point to test their speeds at each location.

Coming in at 22.9, the park also has it’s own WiFi which wasn’t too bad compared to others.

Any internet connection is a win at Big Rig Friendly RV Park, nestled in the mountains.

AT&T and Verizon internet services were subpar. T-Mobile rose above at 123 speeds.

Verizon cell service provided two bars of connectivity.

Screenshots of internet speed test results from Ookla's Speedtest app for different Wi-Fi networks, showing download and upload speeds, ratings, and ads for various services and products.

🤗 Overall Impression

Big Rig Friendly RV Park is a fantastic option for big rig owners searching for a comfortable and well-maintained RV park.

With spacious sites, a peaceful atmosphere, and convenient amenities, this park caters to the needs of both long-term and short-term RVers.

A long row of black mailboxes with red flags, mounted on a wooden structure, is attached to the side of a large metal building. The ground is sandy and there is a background of trees and a paved road.
Long Term Mailboxes

Whether you’re passing through or looking for a home base to explore the Columbia area, Big Rig Friendly RV Park is sure to impress.

The place is huge!

A gravel parking area with several parked vehicles and RVs near a long, single-story white building on an overcast day. Orange traffic cones and a small section of grass are visible in the foreground.

The park offers a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day on the road.

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The combination of spacious, well-maintained sites, pet-friendly amenities, and modern conveniences makes Big Rig Friendly RV Park a standout choice for RV travelers.

Whether you’re looking to relax by the fire pit, let your dog run free, or look forward to a refreshing swim in the new pool, this park has something for everyone.

A gravel road runs through a wooded area, lined with trees and greenery on both sides. A speed limit sign indicates 15 mph. The photo is taken from the interior of a vehicle.
The road leading in and out!

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