The Choice to Full Time RV

Choosing to live full-time in an RV was one of the best decisions we ever made! Learn more about why we made the switch and what it’s like to travel America in our home on wheels.

💫 A Journey of a Lifetime: How We Chose an Amazing Life on the Road Full Time RV

Full-Time RV Living – House to RV in 6 Weeks!

Making the choice to live full-time in an RV was one of the best decisions we ever made!

After watching other RV enthusiasts travel full-time for years, a spur-of-the-moment decision was made.

July of this year marks 8 incredible years since we chose an amazing life on the road!

2017 keystone alpine The Choice to Full Time RV

To celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary together and embrace this milestone in our lives, what could be better than an 8600-mile journey across America?

Meeting with some local dealerships to check out RVs set off an exciting adventure that eventually lead us to pick up a brand-new one by late July.

What began as merely a thought quickly became reality and brought about everlasting memories ever since!

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👋 The Decision to Go RVing

We had been watching other full-time RVers travel around the United States for years.

So when we decided we needed a change in July 2017, we decided to take a leap of faith and pick up a brand-new RV.

2017 keystone alpine The Choice to Full Time RV

We knew that if we didn’t do it then, we might never do it at all.

So after talking it over, we decided to go for it!

It made sense since we have family across the United States from New York to California.

full time rv visiting family

Choosing to live full-time in an RV is a decision that can lead to a remarkable journey filled with adventure, freedom, and discovery.

For many, it’s a lifestyle that offers the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people, and embrace a simpler way of living.

The decision to embark on this journey often involves careful consideration and planning.

Many factors come into play, including financial considerations, lifestyle preferences, and personal goals.

Some people are drawn to the idea of traveling constantly, while others seek a sense of community and connection on the road.

🚍 Finding the Perfect Fit

To get started on this amazing adventure, we had to find the perfect fit for us.

We visited local dealerships and checked out RVs of all shapes and sizes.

I knew I wanted one with a washer and dryer since we previously had one on our land in New York.

She was a little dirty from sitting over the winter.

2000 fleetwood prowler The Choice to Full Time RV

After not finding the exact one at our local dealerships, I decided to look online.

I found quite a few but there was one in particular that stood out. A 2017 Keystone Alpine 3301GR 5th wheel.

It wasn’t oversized, had large windows, (I need lots of light!), a washer/dryer combo unit, made for four seasons, tons of counter space, a desk area for me to write, and even a dishwasher. YES!

lots of counter space and dishwasher in RV The Choice to Full Time RV

I was in love!

It was located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was on our way to NY.

💵 Financial Considerations

There was only one problem…our current truck which was only 2 months old, wasn’t going to pull it. UGH!

2017 chevy silverado The Choice to Full Time RV

Financial considerations are also crucial.

Living in an RV full-time can be more affordable than traditional homeownership, but it still requires careful budgeting and planning.

You’ll need to consider the cost of purchasing or renting an RV, as well as ongoing expenses such as fuel, campground fees, maintenance, and insurance.

📦 Downsizing

We had an open house yard sale.

A cluttered kitchen with numerous items on every surface, including a table filled with cosmetics and snacks.

Put the rest in a POD (big mistake, more on that later).

Bought a truck to pull it, had a hitch put in, packed up a small U-Haul trailer (make sure you can fit everything in the RV that you put in that U-Haul trailer), and set out on our adventure.

2017 chevy silverado The Choice to Full Time RV

There were plenty of mistakes made just in that paragraph above, but we will get to that later. 😉

Putting everything leftover in a POD is just one of them!

pod storage unit The Choice to Full Time RV

🚌💨 Ready for Full Time RV Living

Ultimately, choosing to live in an RV full-time is a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone, embracing uncertainty, and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that life on the road has to offer.

Looking back at those 8 incredible years since deciding to pursue an amazing life on the road is something my husband and I cherish every single day.

The sense of freedom that comes from exploring different places while spending time with your loved ones is incomparable.

Something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

One of the first steps in choosing to live in an RV full-time is evaluating your current lifestyle and determining if it aligns with your long-term goals and aspirations.

Are you seeking more freedom and flexibility in your life?

Do you crave adventure and new experiences?

Are you willing to downsize your possessions and embrace a minimalist lifestyle?

residential fridge The Choice to Full Time RV

Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or just need a change of scenery now and again, there’s no better way than hitting the road in an RV!

So don’t wait any longer – make your dream come true today!

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The Choice to Full Time RV

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