Are you up for a daring transformation and an unforgettable journey?

Join us on our full-time RVing adventure as we explore new places, seek balance in life, and step outside of our comfort zone.

Take this opportunity to discover something intriguingly different and your perspectives will never be quite the same!

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Eat, Stay, Play

Tim and Mary love nothing more than hitting the open road in their RV. And we can’t forget Harley, our German Shepherd.

They retired in 2017 and decided to travel full-time, downsizing from their 2800-square-foot house in the process.

Both Mary and Tim have always been creative people, so it’s no surprise that Mary opened her own snack bar in 2004.

She loves experimenting with new recipes, especially ones that can be easily made while on the road.

Mary and Tim are excited to explore all that America has to offer.

Whether they’re trying out a new camping recipe or checking out a local restaurant, they’ll make sure to share all the juicy details here on their blog.

They also love spending time at Harvest Hosts and boondocking locations, so you can expect to find those reviews here too!

It’s a hit-and-miss type thing but that’s all part of life in an RV.