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Jaden Garza, the CEO of Nomad Internet abruptly steps down and takes the Internet with him! Many were left without internet as well as influencers were left without income!

The Rise Fall of Nomad Internet

It’s been a busy week with breaking news, that’s for sure.

First, Lazydays Campground closed indefinitely. And now we are hearing about the CEO of Nomad Internet abruptly stepping down.

It’s fun being on the road. However, it’s no fun being left without the internet.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, all you have to do is a quick search of Nomad Internet, and you will find a few influencer videos pop up.

These influencers had contracts with Nomad after being contacted by the CEO himself, Jaden Garza.

However, within the past couple of weeks, they have all broken their contracts because of having no internet.

Nomad Internet

Yeah, that’s a huge problem when you are endorsing a product and you can’t even use it.

About Nomad Internet

Nomad Internet started back in 2017. The same year we started RVing.

Since then, they have been in the news and have expanded several times.

They were known for supplying high-speed internet over cellular lines to rural areas and travelers where there was no other option.

A few people have had good luck with it. However, for the most part, many have had bad luck.

And we were one of them. Here is our story.

Our Experience with Nomad Internet

When we started RVing in 2017, I obviously needed good internet since I was an online influencer. My job depended on it.

Nomad Internet

I started out with OTR Mobile which worked the same way and was the same concept.

Except OTR Mobile was cheaper. I had to purchase an AT&T Netgear Nighthawk from Best Buy.

Nomad Internet

Once I signed up, they sent me a SIM card! And another, and another, and another.

After being without internet for weeks at a time, I was fed up.

Now, remember, I was on the road in our RV so it wasn’t easy for me to keep receiving the SIM in the mail, especially if I wasn’t stationary for more than a few days!

So, I searched around and found Nomad Internet. They supplied the high-speed, unthrottled, internet through the cellular lines the same way and used the AT&T Netgear Nighthawk too.

So I was all set!

Nomad Internet

Or so I thought.

Switching Internet Providers

And it started all over again.

They sent me SIM after SIM after SIM. They switched it from AT&T to Verizon and back to AT&T again and again.

That meant I had to pay to have the Nighthawk unlocked because it was locked to AT&T. And without an account, they wouldn’t do it.

Do you want the blue plan, the red plan, or the pink plan? When basically, they were all the same…garbage!

What a nightmare. There is even a Facebook group. You can go all the way back to the beginning when it was started in 2019 and read complaint after complaint.

With that said, I’m not surprised about what is happening. I am surprised that so many people didn’t research it and see how long people were getting taken for a ride.

Nomad Internet Why Everyone Is Talking About It

What happened was the CEO of the company, abruptly stepped down.

And it seemed that with his step down, down went the internet.

Everyone was trying to use it but no one had service.

Nomad Internet

Influencers who had sent Jaden Garza an email asking what was going on were suddenly terminated.

When an influencer signs a contract with a major Brand, they depend on that income.

So besides being without internet…they were also left without their income.

Nomad Internet

That is all we know for right now. However, we will keep you updated on what happens next.

Have you ever had Nomad Internet? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. We signed up with them in 2020. I purchased an unlocked Netgear from eBay (cheaper than the locked one Nomad was selling, plus we would own it and not have to return it if we quit) and a Yagi antenna on Amazon and got just the AT&T SIM from Nomad. I asked Nomad for a custom link for our vlog so that we could get the “free for life” account by signing up 5 people. They checked our site, liked our mission and just gave us the “free for life” right away and a custom link. We weren’t counting on the income from anything, we just wanted the internet. They had to send us new SIMs 3 times between 2020 and 2022. However, between that we had great service. I guess we were one of the lucky ones. After they cut everyone off in December, we hunted around for a new provider. We borrowed our friends’ mobile hotspot until I found another provider in February. Meantime, in April, I was able to get Nomad to restore our legacy “free for life” account and they sent us “The Cube” free of charge to compensate. It’s not a mobile hotspot, but we’re always plugged into shore power when we’re parked somewhere. Since the provider we got in February has a cap of 800 gigs, we got that lowered to 200 gigs (to save money) and will be keeping that as a mobile unit when we leave our rig and as a back-up while we use the Nomad for as long as it keeps working. No telling when they’ll pull the plug again.

    1. Wow! So glad you were able to work it out. Sometimes it’s frustrating trying to run a blog while on the road especially when you aren’t sure if and when you will have internet. Maybe Nomad will make a comeback and be more reliable. Only time will tell. Just followed y’all on social and checked out our blog. Maybe we will run across each other someday. Safe travels.

  2. Purchased on April 21st 2023. Nothing but a run around still no product and no more responses back. Asked for a refund. Nothing.

  3. They are currently being sued by the state of Texas – they were using SIM cards against TOS with the service providers themselves. They purchased large amounts of SIM cards, and when the carrier (Verizon etc) would flag activity on that SIM card, that’s when people lost internet. Nomad internet would say that it was a technical issue and send you a new one (a new SIM card that wasn’t yet flagged) and they would continue to send new ones every time the carriers would flag the sim and take it off of their network. Everyone should flee from this company immediately.

  4. I Purchased my Nomad Air April ’23 and received last week. My service never connected for more than 5 minutes, tech support is not helpful. My business partner has Nomad and it has worked flawlessly, which is frustrating. Now I read about this Texas lawsuit on the company, with freezing assets. Nomad has now shut down their email support and everyone on phone support is unable to assist, aside from finally getting ahold of someone that is going to send me a new modem. Here’s to hoping the lawsuit is just a frivolous case and I can just get what I paid for…

  5. I had nomad from 2018-2020 and was happy. I came back beginning of June and haven’t been able to get service or anyone to return a phone call. It says they now have 24/7 phone but you sit on hold for 30 min and then have to leave a message. I’ve left 3 messages and can’t get a call back. I’m having to dispute this with my credit card bc I never had any service.

  6. Ordered their RV plan. Never got the product, just a run-around. Then I heard that they were using altered Verizon sim cards illegally. I canceled and told them to refund my money. Nothing. I told them I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney’s General office and the next day I got a notice my product had shipped via USPS. I did not pick it up since I had already canceled. I have not gotten a refund but still get a monthly bill from them! I had to cancel my debit card to prevent them from taking money out of my account. I am getting ready to file another complaint against them.

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