Discover Loves RV Stops For a Quick Overnight Stop

Discover why Loves RV Stops are perfect for RV travelers! Explore the amenities, easy booking, and attractions nearby Love’s RV Hookup.

🚐💨 Introduction to Love’s RV Stops

Ready to roll? Love’s RV Stops are your go-to quick overnight stop on the road!

This was the third Love’s RV Stop that we have stayed at and have always had a pleasant stay.

It’s great for a quick overnight rest and is directly off the interstate.

The Jacksonville Love’s Travel Stop is located between I-10 and I-95 making it on our route.

RV stop sign at a parking lot with an American flag in the background, a sunny sky, and surrounding greenery.

Conveniently located, Loves Travel Stops across the country offer a safe, squeaky-clean haven for all you adventurous RV travelers out there.

You’re cruising down the interstate and you need a pit stop that’s not just any stop, but a Love’s RV Hookup-Jacksonville FL 828 kind of stop.

Day 1 of our short summer trip! Our first day is always a short travel day since it takes us a little while to break camp after being stationary all winter.

We drove 157 miles today from Clermont, FL to Love’s RV Stop in Jacksonville, FL.

📲 Easy Booking

They’ve got your back with a spot that’s tidy, secure, and oh-so-easy to book!

With their hassle-free reservation system, you can secure your spot, breeze through check-in right on your phone, and get back on the road in a jiffy after a restful night’s sleep.

Loves RV Stop reservation check-in details: Arrival on Saturday, May 18, 2024, departure on Sunday, May 19, 2024. Site type is back-in. Contact park at +1 (904) 330-3011. Options to sign-up or log-in.

What’s in store for you at Love’s RV Hookup-Jacksonville FL 828, you ask?

Here’s the scoop:

✨ Back In sites for your convenience
✨ 30-Amp and 50-Amp electric service to keep you powered up
✨ Onsite water and sewer hookups for all your RV needs
✨ Wi-Fi to keep you connected wherever you roam

RV hookup station number 8 with parking only sign, hose on the ground, and signs for Taco John's and Speedco in the background.

🫶 The Perks of Staying at Love’s RV Stops

💰 ATM for your convenience
🍗 Bojangles for a delicious bite on the go
🐾 Dog Park to let your furry friends stretch their legs
⛽️ Pro tip: Save 10¢ off every gallon of gas and auto diesel with the Love’s Connect App!
🍔 Pop over inside the Travel Stop for a refuel and a tasty treat.

A gas station with a Love's sign, multiple fueling pumps, and vehicles parked under the canopy on a clear day.

👉 Additional amenities:

🔥 Bulk propane for your grill-out sessions
🧺 Laundry facility with washers and dryers to freshen up your threads
🚿 Seven private showers for a refreshing scrub
♻️ Propane tank exchange

If you are into geocaching, you might just find one near the corner of the store.

Unless you are like me, new to geocaching and not very good at it, you might not find it, lol.

Aerial view of a commercial building with a parking lot, near a roadway labeled "DUVAL RD." The image includes map markers for parking and food.

➕ Things to Know Before You Go

👍 Site Setup Variations

Every Love’s location has its own setup.

In Jacksonville, the sites were large parking spots where you back in and stay. And the spots we have stayed in were pretty level.

With only 5 spots available at this particular location, be sure to book ahead of time online where you can choose your spot.

An empty parking lot under a sky with scattered clouds and a setting sun on the horizon.

🎧 Noise Levels

Truck stops are bustling places, and noise is part of the package.

If you’re sensitive to noise, you might not get a perfect night’s sleep if you retire early.

Since you are located in front of the station, the majority of noise was blocked by the building.

The traffic from the interstate was more bothersome than the semi trucks running. But it quieted down around midnight.

However, we found the ambient noise akin to white noise and slept soundly.

💡 Safety Considerations

With constant traffic and people coming and going, it’s essential to keep an eye on your kids and pets.

A black and tan dog on a leash sits in front of a large Jayco motorhome parked in a lot under a partly cloudy sky.

We didn’t feel unsafe, but it’s not the place for children to wander freely.

✅ Efficient Check-In

When booking online, keep your confirmation email handy.

It includes a link for easy site check-in upon arrival, making the process smoother than using the kiosk if need be.

A small white structure houses an RV hookup station with signage. It is situated next to a parking lot and surrounded by greenery, including a tree and grass.

We checked in directly upon arrival from the convenience of our phone. The electric pedestal will not work until you have checked in.

📶 Cell Service and Internet

We never hit the road without our trusty collection of internet jetpacks, always eager to test out the speeds wherever we land (when I remember to, that is, lol!).

During our stay at Love’s RV Stop in Jacksonville, Florida, we gave all our internet options a run for their money. Here’s what we found:

📶 AT&T, Verizon jetpack, and Verizon phone internet: Not exactly stellar. The speeds were pretty sluggish across the board.

📈 Best Connection: Hands down, the T-Mobile Home Internet stole the show with an impressive 330 Mbps download speed and 141 upload speed. If you need to get some work done or stream your favorite shows, this is the way to go.

📱 Verizon Cell Service: We got two bars of service. Not amazing, but it got the job done for basic connectivity.

Composite image showing four different internet speed test results. Each result includes values for ping, download, and upload speeds, and user ratings related to the test experience. Perfect for anyone who loves RV stops and needs reliable internet on the go!

If you’re planning a stay at Love’s RV Stop in Jacksonville, make sure to bring along a Verizon Jetpack to stay connected with the best possible speeds.

It’s a bit of a digital oasis in an otherwise spotty internet landscape!

💤 Stay a Few Nights

And hey, who says it’s all about the road?

With Love’s RV Hookup-Jacksonville FL 828, you’re perfectly positioned to explore Florida’s stunning beaches, soak up the magic of Orlando, or venture out to charming Savannah, GA. 🎢🍑

There is no limit to how many days you can stay.

A large RV with red and black designs is parked in a mostly empty lot next to a black SUV, with mountains visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

🌴 Check out these handy links:

🏖️ Florida Beaches
🎡 Orlando
🌸 Savannah

📍 Follow Our Route From Florida to New York

🛣️✨ Meeting New People

On our way out, as we were hooking up the truck, a K-9 Police Officer pulled up and asked if we were Tim and Mary. I was like…oh, oh, what did we do?

He introduced himself as Earl Smith and said he looked up my blog by the name on the back of the RV. Lol. Scared the crap out of me.

As it turns out, he and his wife had bought an RV about a year ago and had some questions that we were happy to answer.

We met his K-9 buddy and talked for quite some time.

I hope we run across each other again once he retires and hits the road. 🚔🐕

And that my friends, is what RVing is all about. It’s about the people you meet along the way.

Book your spot today through and discover why Love’s is the Heart of the Highway.

Make some unforgettable memories on the open road!

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