Breaking News What Happened to Lazydays RV Park Tampa

Breaking News: As of April 1st, 2023 Lazydays RV Park will be closed indefinitely. The Tampa RV Park is honoring booked reservations.

Lazydays RV Park Tampa Shuts Down Indefinitely! It’s Not An April Fools Joke!

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke as we’ve seen it with our own eyes two days ago.

Located in Seffner, Florida, Lazydays RV park was a popular destination for many RVers.

Many people had RV rallies there. And it was great for those who wanted to be close to Tampa and the coast.

Lazydays RV Park Tampa Shuts Down Indefinitely

As of April 1st, 2023 Lazydays RV Resort will be closed indefinitely.

While there are reports that the Lazydays campground is only closing for renovations, we were told differently.

Evidently, the cafeteria is closing as well.

When Did Lazydays Campground Open

It seems like just yesterday that Lazydays campground opened up sometime around 2014.

They held three rallies right after opening and Lazy days RV park was a hit.

Lazydays RV Park Tampa Shuts Down Indefinitely

With approximately 300 sites, a spacious heated pool, and hot tub, among many other amenities, the Tampa campground had everything any RVer could ask for.

Lazydays Florida RV Resort Reservations

While Lazydays hasn’t seemed to have published a press release on the breaking news of closing the campground, you can no longer book a reservation.

Lazydays RV Park Tampa Shuts Down Indefinitely

If you go to the Lazydays Tampa RV Park website to make a reservation, the page no longer exists. You will get a 404 response.

Lazydays Cafeteria Closes at Tampa Location

The cafeteria at the Tampa Lazydays location has also closed.

Basically, while the sign says it’s closed for refurbishment, we were told otherwise.

lazydays cafeteria

An employee told us that the cafeteria closed because it was costing money to keep open.

While we never had the pleasure of visiting when it was open, it seemed like a really nice place.

Why Did Lazydays RV Park Tampa Close Indefinitely?

We were in search of a new RV the other day and headed over to the Tampa location.

While we were riding around on the golf cart, the employee told us that they are the world’s largest RV dealership and needed space for more inventory.

Lazydays RV Park Tampa Shuts Down Indefinitely

They will be using it for more inventory and to show units and are shutting down the RV campground for good.

There are already many units in the campground where they were plugged in and cooled for us to look at.

thor inception super c

Which is perfect in the 90-degree heat we’ve been having.

He also stated that the campground wasn’t making them any money (which I can hardly believe with everyone RVing!)

entegra accolade super c

Final Thoughts on the Closing of Lazydays Tampa RV Park

Unfortunately, the popular Florida RV resort will be missed by many and one can only hope that this really is an April Fools joke!

Until next time…Happy RVing and stay safe!

Finally, have you ever been to Lazy Days RV Resort? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the closing.

And don’t forget to PIN IT!

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  1. We always had a great time at LazyDays RV. We enjoyed meeting folks at the hot tub every day and ate at Exit 10 a lot.
    Not that I want to pay more to camp but they could have raised the rates a little and it would have been fine with me.
    I stopped there in late April 23 and found inventory on every available spot and the gate was fenced over. It looks bleak to me as far as opening again.
    My hope was that they over ordered inventory and just had no place to go with it.
    It was lousy of LD to not inform the staff of exactly what the plan was and same for the public. Each staff member we asked in December 22 of what the plan was had a different opinion.
    The campground has unfortunately been terribly managed the past few years. The staging area filled with local traffic parking vehicles instead of being kept open for travelers looking to unhook and stage arrival and departure. Even the staff parked in that area quite often.
    The dog park (which we loved) almost always had a garbage can full to the brim with, well, you know and in the Florida sun would be quite evident from 10 feet away.
    All in all though, I will miss it there.

  2. We loved camping at lazy days. We went multiple times a year including the holidays. It was close, great facilities, met lots of great people, seeing many each time we were there! Loved the pool atmosphere and dj. So many wonderful memories were made. Shame on lazy days for being so gready and taking a hidden gem from our area. Awesome getaway with out traveling miles. The breakfast was nice also, good food friendly people. Is exit 10 open? Should have been honest when they said closing for renovations when they knew closing for good.

      1. Really sad! They were busy every time we were there. Which was multiple times a year. Looking for another campground in the area similar…any thoughts?

  3. Lazy Days campground was one of our favorite places to camp! We usually camp with two other couples and this was a favorite for all of us. We loved the pool, the fact that there was a bar, snack window right there in the pool area. We will really miss this place. We have even spent New Year’s Eve here with our camping buddies. Such a sad thing to see it closing down just to be used as storage for inventory! What a waste of a beautiful resort pool area! ??????

    1. I sure hope they bring that camping resort back. Our family has gone there multiple times and enjoyed ourselves each time we went. It was convenient and very friendly. I enjoyed looking through the campers while we were there. It was just a great place to go to. Hope management rethinks their decision.

  4. Stayed there many times. Bought 3 RVs at Lazy Days. We really enjoyed the facility and atmosphere. Wonder if management will rethink this decision now that RV sales are trending way down?

    1. Yes I agree it was our long weekend get away- have purchased two Rv’s from them – happy with them on taking care or you on that. Company is on the stock exchange- back in ‘18 when we purchased a new motor home – in speaking with staff – they sell at that time 4 – 6 hundred units a month. Bean counters must have seen a more profit situation.

  5. Stayed there many times in the last 10 years.
    Daughter lives in Tampa, we live in Port St Lucie at a Motorcoach Resort.
    This place was perfect.
    This will be missed …still looking for a replacement for the area.

  6. we will miss it. spent several nights there. I believe it was mismanaged. so many empty spaces and yet they told me they were all booked so we couldn’t get a spot near the pool with the kids. many good memories with the grand kids.

  7. Camped here for the last 20 years, our favorite place.
    Bought two motor homes from Lazy Days
    Loved the pool area and the restaurant pool side.
    Real shame to lose this destination.

  8. Appears LD has made the decision to close the campground permanently…that was the story yesterday (11/6/23) when we called asking the status. We’ve stayed here the last three years with friends before heading over to the FRVTA Super Show at the fairgrounds and it was always full, January’23 was no exception. Sad they’ve made the choice to let such a potentially lucrative spot close.

  9. Srayed there many times. There is already a shortage of RV sites in Florida. Good luck selling more RVs when parking them becomes more and more scarce. Bad move LD. Bad move.

  10. We had 8 free days of camping received when we purchased two class A MH’s. Didn’t receive notice of closing or anything, just lost out on the promises. Guess Thor has just made their statement!

  11. Very sad day to learn that the campground there will not
    be opening again, that explains why we couldn’t find it anywhere on the site to make a reservation. Bad decision Lazydays….

  12. I have stayed at Lazydays RV resort several times and have always loved it. To us it was like going to Disney, we checked out possible new RV’s, several places to walk to eat fabulous foods,
    I was really saddened when they closed their restaurant it was amazing as well, since Lazydays has gone public, it has gone downhill. Our last purchase there was in 2022, the sale,staff,financing,insurance was amazing as always, the the service dept was terrible.
    They need to reorganize and go back to the basics or they will NO LONGER be in business.

    1. I agree with you 100%. And I still wonder what made them think that was a wise choice to close the campground with so many people RVing these days.

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